Welcome to the First StandUp Academy Newsletter!

Yay! It was a long time coming, but here it is! This is the first one, so be patient with me, I'm learning. I'd like to thank Chris Schumacher for setting this up and Chris Oliver for teaching me how to post. Also, thanks to all the people who emailed info for this first newsletter.

If you would like to have something included in this newsletter, please email all items to:


This address has been set up (by Philip Hamilton-thank you!) exclusively for you to email info on what you (the family) are up to, shows you are doing, open mics or rooms you book or recommend, even non-comedy classified ads (by popular demand) to be always listed at the very bottom of the newsletter so people can choose to read the non-comedy items or not read them-it's your call! The goal is to do a monthly newsletter. But, we will see how it goes! It depends on how much help I have.

So, here we go! Enjoy the very first Rubber Chicken Gazette!!

Comedy With Soul

September 4-Comedy With Soul in the Ice House Annex
Only $4 for alums. Come support THE brothers and sisters of the brothers and sisters! Excellent line-up below.

Next Session

Next Session is starting the weekend after Labor Day (Sept. 8 & 9). A lot of you have already signed up. Let Bobbie know ASAP if you want to come back (and which class you want). It's only $250 to return. All the lastest info is here.

StandUp Academy Website & Blog

Have you visited the website lately? It has really been updated. The testimonials page has been sooped up with pics and links. The class main page has tons of new stuff, and so does the bobbieoliver.net side. I bought standupproductions.net and linked that to the site, as well. To check out all three sites, click here.

Also, I have a new blog called StandUp and Blog! I am having SO much fun posting lots of jokes, political ramblings, you name it! Check it out at StandUp and Blog!

New Class Pics

There are new class Pictures on the website! Go look at your new brothers and sisters (and maybe yourself-I found some old ones and posted them, as well)! The StandUp Academy class photo page is here.

And here are some pics from La Casa Blue open mic, the Ice House Annex, and other shows on the StandUp Productions site.

The Bobbie & Sally Show

Come out on Thursday, Sept. 20 to the Ice House Annex for FREE! Sally Mullins and I are making a DVD and we need you to come laugh. Sally will be doing 30 minutes, and Bobbie is doing an HOUR. Kate Roxburgh opens. Don't miss it! It's the same night as the California Comedy Festival in the Ice House Main Room, so come rub elbows with other LA comics and catch our show!

October Shows

I don't have flyers yet, but mark your calendar for the StandUp Productions October shows featuring the family. Both shows in the Ice House Annex @ 8pm. Only $4 for alums.

Red Hot Comedy –Thursday, October 11

The United Nations of Comedy-Thursday, October 25

La Casa Blue aka Highland Perk

Do you want to perform at La Casa Blue? Are you looking for a cool place to hang out on Friday nights with the family (for FREE)? Email Bobbie to get booked or come hang out with us sometime! No show Labor Day Weekend (8/31). Check out the La Casa Blue website here.

Will Morton-Million Laughs

Will writes: if anyone is interested in doing clean comedy (yes, clean only - it can be done!) please email me

Will Morton's website is www.millionlaughs.com

Tim Chizmar-Comedy Time

Tim Chizmar's Comedy Time Clip can be viewed here.

Arlene Nicoletti- Performing With...

Performing with...
The New Internet Show about Performers. View it now @

Hosted, Directed and Produced By Arlene Nicoletti

Julia Flint-Cast This!

Julia Flint produces Internet Sitcom-Cast This!

About Julia:
"I've been an actress in Los Angeles since October of 2000. I started producing my own work in 2004, mostly in the form of short films created for a contest called the 48-Hour Film Challenge (where you write, shoot and edit a movie in two days). A couple of these films were award-winners, and one of them was re-edited and submitted (and accepted) to a number of festivals. You can see the short films on Diva D Productions' website ( www.divadproductions.com).

Cast This! ( www.castthis.net) originally began as a short film, but then it jumped out at me as having the potential to be a sitcom -- complete with wacky characters, crazy story lines, and my own subtle sense of humor."

For Immediate Release

Julia Flint
Diva D Productions
fax 206-260-5787

Cast This!, an internet-based sitcom, premieres on a browser near you…

Burbank, CA - May, 3 2007 - Diva D Productions announces the launch of their internet-based sitcom, Cast This! With new three-minute webisodes airing on the internet every Tuesday and Thursday morning, this “webcom” captures the chaos of a busy casting office as the owner and her assistant try to cast movies from the very bottom run of the casting ladder. Along the way, they audition a series of wacky characters, all trying to make it big in Tinseltown.

Julia Flint, Executive Producer, writer and the creator of the series, says "Coming from a background where I saw both sides of the room {the casting side and the acting side}, I found it amusing how each side perceives things so differently. I tried to capture the essence of what we go through as actors, while also writing the perspective of the casting director."

The idea for Cast This! started as a short film in 2005 -- Flint liked the concept of a series, so she re-cut the short film into a 10-minute pilot presentation. "I started to put together my pitch package and thought better of it -- why not produce the series myself and put it up on the internet?" And so the process of finding resources began. "I had worked with Brian (Wasiak, the director) before on other short films, so I pitched the project to him. He immediately jumped on board. Then I called Joe” (Joseph Setele, cinematographer -- he and Wasiak had worked together on several of Flint's other projects), “and the next thing you know, we were planning our shoot dates. Of course, that meant I had to start writing," she says, laughing.

The 10-minute pilot aired the last two weeks of April. Episode 101, "The Death Threat," begins airing on May 8th. Each storyline is about 30 minutes long -- cut into 8 to 10 three-minute pieces, the entire episode airs over the period of a month. “The webisodes are easy to watch,” says Flint, “for about the time it takes to read a long e-mail, you can watch Cast This! -- and it's easy to pick up where you left off.” Every webisode is available to watch after it first airs. There is an e-newsletter that reminds viewers when a new webisode is available.

To see the series, tune your browser to www.castthis.net.

Diva D Productions was formed in 2004 as the creative outlet of its founder, Julia Flint, who found that she liked to make short films with no budget in a limited timeframe. Under the 48 Hour Film Project (a contest where teams write, shoot and edit a movie in two days), Diva D Productions has now created seven short films. Of them, "Valley PD Blue" was voted one of the Top Ten in LA and winner of an award for "best character," and "The Amoeba" was re-edited into a longer version that has been an official selection in several film festivals. The latest success in Diva D Productions' story is Cast This!, a sitcom "webisodic" that follows the day-to-day adventures of a casting office.

Virginia Ramos-Realtor

Need to buy or sell a house, contact Virginia.

Virginia Ramos
Sun Realtors
1428 Ridgeway Rd.
San Marino, Ca 91108
Direct (626) 429-9120