March Newsletter

Hello cult, I mean family! Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, and whatever else you celebrate! Welcome to the March rubber chicken. I tried to keep it reasonable with lots of pretty pictures, but it is packed with chickeny goodness, so read away!

As always, if you want to have something included in this newsletter (info on comedy shows you are producing or performing in, your recent accomplishments, non-comedy classified ads, etc) just send all info to and we will put it in the next newsletter. If you want something to appear monthly, please resend it monthly.

Bobbie is Turning 40!

Save the date-Saturday, June 7 @ 8pm-Bobbie and Chris' 40th Birthday Party! Whoo Hoo!! I know it's hard to believe because we look so damn good (especially me), but Chris and I are turning 40 this year. On top of that, I finish my Masters degree on my birthday, AND June marks my 20th year in comedy (I started about a week before my 20th birthday), so we have a reason to celebrate!

This year's theme is Punk Rock. So, start looking for your party gear now. I will send you all invitations by email with my address later, but mark your calendar and come party with us!

Classes Start March 29!

Next session starts March 29, 30, 31! Remember, it's only $250 for returning students. Hit me up and let me know which class you want. You can choose from Saturday or Sunday 12-3 or Monday nights at 7pm. My phone is ringing from my new ads, so save your spot today!

Also, check out the info on the new Improv class below! I don't have the details yet, but it will be on the weekend and hopefully starting really soon. Hit me up if you are interested (read more below in this blog).

The Grad Shows were Awesome!

The grad shows were great! We had about 400 people in the audience over the three nights! I am so proud of everyone who was in the shows; they all did an awesome job. I want to thank Patrick Hanifin, Scott Shimamoto, Barry Weisenberg and Richard Chang for being special guests and kicking butt!!

And thanks sooo much to everyone who came out to support the three shows: Alice, Amy, Rudy, Daniel, Jim L., Yoshio, Sacha, Cathy, Steve, Jon, Saemi, Richard, Virginia, Micah, Revital, Karen, Jean, Joy, Evan, Jim C., John, Mike, Alan, Marty, Yak, Scott, Cathy, Yashar, Marsha, Tim, Jon, Marv, Kate, Moises, Rawle, Karen, Eric, Dave, Chris, Carlos, Tom, Mark, Christian, Russell, Jule Ann, and Paul! StandUp Academy is a success because of you and your support!!

Also big thanks to our fab mc Sally Mullins and guest Vargus Mason and the sexy videographer Chris Oliver!


New Improv Workshop!

The Improv workshop with our own John Fontaine was a huge success!! We had a GREAT time and a big turnout. I had so much fun stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new skills. I will definitely be adding an Improv class to our roster. I will get back with you with more details. In the meantime, check out some of the pics from the workshop at the link below and read the awesome things people had to say about the class.

More Pics:
Here are some quotes from the Improv workshop:
"Fontaine is fantabulous! I'll take anything he teaches!"
"I haven't had this much fun since the first time I tasted sugar!"
"This workshop was amazing! I'm ready to sign up today."
"So fun it felt sinful."
"I love the way the teacher involved everyone."
"This class was absolutely fabulous!"
John Fontaine was...
"...extremely skilled and talented."
"...had lots of great historical knowledge."
"...made me feel very comfortable."
"I love the classical nature of his background."
"John, please teach our family to be as good as you!"

Bobbie Oliver's Sunday Best Begins April 27!

Don't miss the first ever of the new monthly Ice House Main Room show "Bobbie Oliver's Sunday Best." We have a great lineup for April, and shows every month. If you want to get booked, hit me up!

April 27 - 7:00pm

MC: Sally Mullins

Mark Bustamante

Patrick Reid

Brad Schecter

Karen Anzoategui

Marie Del Prete

Amy Larkowski

Courtney Ca

Jennifer Rich

Joe Ruggirello

Leland Waters

Evan Dagger

Headliner- Comedy Blogazine

Chris Oliver, my incredibly cool husband, has started an online comedy blogazine called Headliner. He is taking contributions from comics including information having to do with the world of standup comedy or humorous pieces by comics (you). Check it out at:

If you are interested in reading Chris' blog Psychedlicatessen, you can check it out at:

To contribute to Headliner, just email Bobbie and Chris.

StandUp Academy Groups

Are you on the StandUp Academy Yahoo group email list? If not, you are missing everything! Most of the info goes through the group, and not in mass emails. If you aren't on it, hit me up and I'll send you an invitation to join!

Are you on the StandUp Academy myspace group? If you are on myspace, and not on the group, hit me up so you can join. See all the beautiful faces of your brothers and sisters on myspace!

Richard Chang wins Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest at the Ice House

Way to go Richard!

Richard writes:

Hey guys. I got first place at Uncle Clydes. I want to
thank, Virginia, Marv, Kathy and my sister Lisa for coming out.


Arlene Nicoletti-Music and Comedy

Arlene writes:
Arlene Nicoletti's website is now updated and my first solo cd is for sale

Plus my first music video and more comedy sketch videos are now on

GO TO TYPE IN singercomic click on the one titled

"Wacky Italian Family"
"If I Belonged To You"

Tim Chizmar-Championship Comedy

Tim writes:
Hello Bobbie Oliver family!!

I hope all of you are doing awesome!!

This Tuesday I debut my concept Championship Comedy ( )at the Hollywood Improv, if it is successful. Fingers crossed.. then it can perhaps be a regular event there as well as Ontario.

But for right this second I've included future events I have coming up.


I have lots more things in the planning stages.

I look forward to seeing you out at an event soon!!

-The Chiz

All Ontario Improv CC dates

April 23 -Championship Comedy presents Inland Empire Strikes Back!

June 25 -Championship Comedy

Aug 20 -Championship Comedy


i loved that improv class John and Bobbie offered at the IceHouse pretty damn cool eh??

Karen Anzoategui-LA Burlesque Calendar

Karen writes:
LA Burlesque calendar is here!

Our calendar commences with the month April since we are the official Viva Las Vegas burlesque calendar for the Rockabilly weekender held at the Gold Coast Hotel every April. We are so excited to bring to you this one and only calendar of its kind!

Buy yours today! visit our web site at:

www. laburlesque. com

it is BADASS!