Welcome to the First StandUp Academy Newsletter!

Yay! It was a long time coming, but here it is! This is the first one, so be patient with me, I'm learning. I'd like to thank Chris Schumacher for setting this up and Chris Oliver for teaching me how to post. Also, thanks to all the people who emailed info for this first newsletter.

If you would like to have something included in this newsletter, please email all items to:


This address has been set up (by Philip Hamilton-thank you!) exclusively for you to email info on what you (the family) are up to, shows you are doing, open mics or rooms you book or recommend, even non-comedy classified ads (by popular demand) to be always listed at the very bottom of the newsletter so people can choose to read the non-comedy items or not read them-it's your call! The goal is to do a monthly newsletter. But, we will see how it goes! It depends on how much help I have.

So, here we go! Enjoy the very first Rubber Chicken Gazette!!