Jenean Atwood auditions for Tyler Perry in Atlanta!

Way to go Jenean!

Jenean writes:

I must say, doing stand-up really prepared me for that experience. Trying to make 200 people laugh made slightly easier to go before him, his director and about 3 other people. Don't get me wrong, when the plane touched down in Atlanta, I started shaking! But, I had an "a ha" moment...right before I went in to audition, I had been struggling with a monologue I tried to learn in two days but just didn't feel like I could "sell" it. I went back to my original plan to just do comedy and guess what? Comedy became a comfort zone...a friend! I don't expect to be nerves-free the next time I go up on stage, but I was so empowered! I made the man laugh - really laugh! And he told me I was funny!