Now Booking for Sunday Best and The Big Time

Sunday Best-
I am booking for the monthly Ice House Main Room show called "Bobbie Oliver's Sunday Best." But, I don’t have any openings for a while. I am booking for the following dates. Before you hit me back to book a date, please note that I am going to require every comic in the show to pre-sell at least 10 tickets in order to be in the show ($10 each). I hate to do it, but if we don’t get butts in the seats, the Ice House doesn’t make money, and we lose our chance to have a monthly showcase. Everyone will get 7 minutes and we will be taping all the shows. I am only booking 12 comics each night, so first-come first-served. Available dates below.

September 21 @ 7:30

October 5 @ 7:30

December 7 @ 7:00

The Big Time-
I am producing a show called "The Big Time" in the Ice House Annex that would give six comics 15- minute spots, and we will be taping the shows.

Since there will only be 6 comics, we will obviously need anyone who is in this show to promote the hell out of it so we can keep doing these. We will be selling our own advance tickets for this for $8 each and I am asking each comic to sell 6-10 tickets. Next available date for this is July 31.

Hit me up if you want to book a spot in one of these shows.