Hi kids!
Wow! It's been a long time since the Rubber Chicken came out, huh? I've been SOO busy- in a good way. I plan to get better at this now that I have help. That's right, Chris Oliver has quit his day job and joined the StandUp Academy/StandUp Productions staff. Yay!

Since this hasn't come out in a while, I am including pics from the last two sessions' grad shows. I forgot to take pics of the Under 30 Alumni show (I'm an idiot, or maybe I was just overwhelmed by so many cute little boys and girls that I couldn't concentrate).

Also, look at the list of family members to the bottom right and check out the new names. If your name is not on there and you are a grad of SUA, let me know, so I can add you!

Classes start back Sunday AND there is a Sunday Best, too! My classes are FULL, but Phil still has spots in his Sunday Joke-Writing class. Remember, you get a discount, so hit me up for more info.

Hope to see you all soon. Love and kiss, Bobbie (mama)