So How Have You Been?

Hello Comics and Comedy Fans!
It's been a long time since the Rubber Chicken Gazette has come out because we are so busy here at StandUp Academy and StandUp Productions! We are getting ready to focus our attention soon on the 3rd Annual Eagle Rock Comedy Festival which is tentatively scheduled for December 5 & 6. We plan to add a Women In Comedy Roundtable, Improv workshops and more to this year's festival. More info on that in the coming weeks.

This edition of the Rubber Chicken contains info on upcoming shows at the Ice House Comedy Club and Flappers Comedy Club, SUA grad showcases and upcoming standup and improv classes, our awesome OPEN MIC in Eagle Rock, Psychedelicatessen Radio (which is now on iTunes!) plus articles on Daniel Tosh, Adam Carolla, Eddie Brill, Late Night TV & a great piece by Patton Oswalt. Hope you enjoy your Rubber Chicken!

If you are an SUA grad and your name is not on our list to the right (or spelled wrong), let us know!

Have a great week in comedy everyone! Bobbie Oliver :)

COMICS: If you want to be booked in one of our shows at The Ice House or Flappers, send us an email to

This Sunday (August 5th), come out to The Ice House for a great show!  Headliner Bobbie Oliver, MC Sally Mullins, and a lot of really funny people!

Tuesday, August 8th, we've got a fantastic lineup at Flappers, featuring StandUp Academy alumni, StandUp Productions regulars and exciting special guests!

Sunday, August 12th, at the Ice House, we've got a great night of comedy, including StandUp Academy's own improv/sketch troupe The Chaotiques!  

And don't forget about the StandUp Academy Grad Shows! Sunday, August 26th and Monday, August 27th, the current classes will perform on the Ice House Main Stage featuring newbies and pros. Both shows start at 8:00 pm.

The lineup for August 26th will be headlined by Bobbie Oliver and hosted by Sally Mullins.  It will also include Kate McLeod, Alan Greene, Garry Haley, Jamillah, Yoshio Moriwaki, Carr Winn, Dylan Fleming, Jack Hill, Sheron Johnston, Janice Elliott, Andrew Winkler, Javier Castro, Charity Hume, Mat Biller, and Natasha Younge.

The lineup for Augst 27th features headliner Bobbie Oliver, host Sally Mullins, and special guest John Fontaine, plus Chris Oliver, Ralph Eddy, Susan Ware, Hana Michels, Caroline Cui, Scott Martin, Sidney Tannenbaum, Mike Bosley, Lisa Bosley, Robin Riker, Nakaia Brown, Patrick Daniel, John Smith and Ro Avetyan.

We host OPEN MIC nights at Dave's Chillin' and Grillin' in Eagle Rock every other Wednesday.   Next open mics will be August 8th and August 22nd.  Sign up starts at 7:00 pm, and we fire up the mic at 7:30 pm.  We are only taking 20 people per night, so get there early! Dave's is a fun place with GREAT sandwiches and smoothies, and it's a supportive environment to work out your material.  Like them on Facebook!

The next session of StandUp Academy's The Tao of Comedy begins on September 8th, 9th and 10th, and runs through November 3rd, 4th and 5th.  (There will be no class on October 6th, 7th and 8th.). Our workshops are for everyone from newbie comics to 20 year veterans. Our comedy family is over 600 strong and growing! Remember, StandUp Academy alums get a discount for coming back (email Bobbie for info; website below). There is still time to audit a class this session if you want to check us out!

The Improv/Sketch class taught by John Fontaine begins Sunday, September 9th and runs through November 4th.  No class October 7th.  Register now, before the classes fill up!  And tell your friends!  For more information, see the StandUp Academy website.

Bobbie's album, Finally!, is available for download from iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon, and streaming on Spotify.  If you buy your music from somewhere else,  it's probably there, too.  Now you can listen to Bobbie on your iPod, smart phone, car stereo or hi fi.  Tell your friends!

We spent a lot of the last month arguing with people on the internet about Daniel Tosh.  Because there was so much to say on the subject, we recorded a special episode of our podcastMisogyny.0 is 70 minutes of Chris and Bobbie Oliver talking about issues related to comedy and feminism, including both the incident with Daniel Tosh and recent comments made by people like Eddie Brill and Adam Carolla suggesting that women aren't funny. This has become one of our most downloaded podcasts ever! And we think it's an important issue.  As this Huffington Post piece reports, the face of late night comedy remains overwhelmingly white and male.

Last week, we recorded a new episode of Psychedelicatessen Radio with two of our favorite comics, Deon Lewis and Rawle Dee (winner of the first Eagle Rock Comedy Festival!).  This one is chock full o' larfs!

Speaking of podcasts, check out our friend Tom Simmons' podcast, Bully the Bullies.  This is a good model of what we think comedy should be about: speaking truth to power, not bullying the powerless. Listen to their podcasts, and like them on Facebook!

Did you get a chance to see The Olivers perform yet?  Here is some video of Bobbie and Chris Oliver performing our new double act at the Ice House.  Keep an eye out for a chance to see us live!

One last thing: everyone should read Patton Oswalt's keynote speech from the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.  It's a great summary of where the world of comedy is in 2012, and we hope that you will be as inspired as we were when we read it.  We've got some great projects we're working on right now, and we can't wait to bring them to fruition so that we can share them with you!