Yak Wins The Truth! Tom takes 3rd!

Congrats Yak Manrique and Tom Vrab!

Yak writes:
The first round was on a Thursday at Harleys in San Bernardino. The room is run by Flow. He is an awesome guy and is always trying to help the comedy game in anyway possible.

Out of the 30 or 40 people, 7 were picked to go to the final round on Saturday at Incahoots in Riverside. (Incahoots...really cool spot! get in now before it blows up and then u gotta claw ur way in!)

I got lucky and went last. and to my surprise....I won! 150 bucks!! Just enough to pay my cell phone bill! haha!

Tom Vrab won third!
He had an awesome set as always. All the comics did good, and I give all the credit to Flow for putting the show and competition together.